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Antibacterial Travel Wipes are an essential item for anyone venturing out during the COVID19 pandemic. Bactro antibacterial wipes are all individually packaged to offer convenience to travelers. These wipes are not only great for the traveler, but for people going back to work, using public transportation, going back to school, or just heading into town. Antibacterial wipes are perfect for cleaning your hands after touching doors, railings and many other things when hand washing is not an option. Traveling at this time can be stressful, so we suggest to travel prepared with Bactro individually packaged antibacterial wipes. We use premium materials when producing all Bactro products, so you can feel comfortable about using any Bactro product, especially our travel wipes. Our best antibacterial wipes for travel can be purchased in various quantities in bulk, but they can also be purchased as part of our personal care kits. Our most popular uses for our travel wipes are for kids going back to school. Parents find comfort in knowing that their children can find those wipes in their backpacks, lunchboxes and even pockets, so that if they forget one or lose one, a backup is available to them. Flying in this time also can be stressful so minimizing what you need to bring helps. These individual disposable antibacterial wipes can be used and then thrown away, so simply put a few in your pocket.