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Hand Sanitizer packets are truly the best solution when it comes to killing bacteria on the go. When traveling or running daily errands, it is impossible to drag around a giant pump container of hand sanitizer. After touching the doors, shopping carts or other things, hand sanitizer is a great idea to stay safe during the COVID19 pandemic. With Bactro individual hand sanitizer packets you can reach into your pocket and pull out a single use packet, then throw away the packaging. It’s as simple as that. Great to have with you, but also convenient enough to stash some in the car, purse, suitcase, lunchbox or cooler. This way, when you need some hand sanitizer, they are already there. Purchase our hand sanitizer packets in bulk to prepare. We use 75% alcohol solution with moisturizers and vitamin E, so our hand sanitizer doesn’t leave your hands dry and cracked. We also improved our formula to have a lemon scent, so you are left with a beautiful lemon scent. Other hand sanitizers leave a terrible smell that can make yourself and others uncomfortable and even lead to people not using it as frequently as they should. Our Travel Hand Sanitizer is the best solution for your needs whether traveling by plane, car, or just walking downtown. Trust Bactro for your personal protection needs.