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Shop Premium Care Kits
Personal Care Kits provide everything needed to limit your exposure. We offer various Bactro personal hygiene kits to suite different needs. Protective disposable face masks, antibacterial travel wipes,  hand sanitizer packets and disposable gloves are the many items we provide in our kits.

To find the right kit for you, think about the daily situations you find yourself in. Are disposable gloves more important to you? Perhaps a single use hand sanitizer packet makes more sense. These kits are designed for on the go use, so everything is individually packaged. We do this so everything stays clean and sanitary until you are ready to use it. Parents can place a whole kit in their child’s backpack before they go to school. If space is limited, or you only need a few items from your Premium Care Kit, simply take them and place in your pocket.

You can never have enough extras! Bactro basic personal care kits are great to have in the car or by the front door to grab before you leave. Bactro only uses the highest quality materials so you can be confident you have the best to keep you and your family protected.