Steps for wearing a face mask correctly.
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Steps for Wearing a Face Mask Correctly

Protective disposable face masks are designed to prevent the spread of disease, but one must follow the steps for wearing face masks correctly. Nowadays, since we are facing a global pandemic, people all over the world are urged to wear face masks at all times. This is geared towards mitigating the rapid transmission of COVID19.

Complying with the recommendation to wear a mask is a big help in slowing down the transmission of the disease, but wearing it properly is just as important. So how do you wear a mask correctly?

Steps for Wearing Face Masks Correctly

Here are the proper steps of how to wear a mask:


Step 1: Sanitize your hands

Before even picking up your mask, you need to make sure that your hands are clean. You can do this by using alcohol wipes with at least 70% alcohol content or by simply washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial hand soap.


Step 2: Check your Mask

Make it a habit to check your mask first. Make sure it does not have any holes or stains. Also, check whether the bands are intact as well.


Step 3: Wear and Adjust

After doing step 1 and 2, you can now put the mask on your face. If you are wearing a disposable mask, make sure to pinch the bridge of your nose so that the mask fits your face perfectly. Also, adjust the mask so that it cover from above your nose to under your chin.


Proper Steps on Removing a Mask

It is also important to know how to remove your mask and how to dispose of it properly. Here are the steps on how to properly remove and dispose of your mask:


Step 1: Sanitize your hands

Before you remove your mask, assuming that you just came from outside, make it a habit to sanitize your hands by washing or using a sanitizing wipe like a Bactro antibacterial wipe.


Step 2: Take off the mask

When taking off your mask, avoid touching the mask itself. Instead, remove it by only touching the ear bands.


Step 3: Wash or Throw away Face Mask After Following Steps for Wearing Face Masks Correctly

If you are using a cloth mask, put it in a resealable plastic bag if you are not going to wash it immediately. If you are using a disposable mask, immediately throw it in the trash can. It is a good idea to purchase masks in large quantities so that you can have them ready whenever you need them most.


Step 4: Sanitize your hands again

After that, sanitize your hands again.


Final Word

The steps for wearing a face mask correctly are crucial for maximum protection. Wearing a mask is now a necessity so that you can protect yourself and those around you. However, you will only get that protection if you wear it correctly. Make sure follow this simple but important preventive measure properly and stay safe always. Bactro offers the best quality disposable face masks that you can purchase by the box or in our personal care kits.

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